Three reasons why a short sleeve polo shirt is a summer essential

Dear friends of The Fleece Milano,

We hope that the countdown to your well-deserved summer holidays is shorter than ours!

Whether you are already packing your suitcase for your annual leave or you are planning a few more weekend trips before the out-of-office time comes, here are three reasons why you should not forget to take at least one of our short sleeve polo shirts with you. They are the perfect staple of your summer outfits.

  • Enjoy the quality and softness of our Pima cotton fabric

Our short sleeve polo shirts are made of Pima cotton, an ultra-soft and high-quality fabric that consists of longer fibers produced by a very specific type of cotton plant growing only in tropical areas (Gossypium Barbadense). Besides its incredible softness, Pima cotton is renowned also for the richness of its texture, its resistance to pilling and to creasing, which makes it a suitable piece of clothing also for the most adventurous travelers and sailors among our customers.

Men's Navy Blue Cotton Short Sleeve Polo Shirt The Fleece Milano
  • Two birds with one stone

The classic but tailored fit of our short sleeve polo shirt makes it an all-around garment that can be smartly sported both on informal and formal occasions. You can wear it over your jeans and your swim trunks for a more casual outfit or under your favorite blazer or summer suit for a more formal attire. It is a versatile piece of clothing that will keep your suitcase light without compromising on your look as we all know that feeling at the airport where the staff asks you to weigh your hand luggage. 

Men's Burgundy Cotton Short Sleeve Polo Shirt The Fleece Milano
  • The collar trick

As with everything else, there are rules to follow also when wearing a polo shirt. You’ll find a deeper dive into them in our article on “The Polo Shirt Etiquette”. Here there is just another quick tip that will bring a twist of style to your outfit when pairing your polo shirt with a blazer or a suit. While popping the collar is always a don’t, sometimes you should wear the collar over the lapel of the jacket. It will give to your look a unique touch of classic and retro. Personally, one of our favorite for summer sunsets gatherings.

Men's Bottle Green Cotton Short Sleeve Polo Shirt The Fleece Milano



We certainly hope this brief guide has allowed you to unearth new details about our iconic cotton polo shirts for men. Should you have questions about our brand or products, do not hesitate to get in touch through to live chat or contact form.


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