The Polo Shirt Etiquette

Polo shirts for men are so functional that some even wear them to office meetings and other formal events with a custom fit tailored blazer. After we have made you aware of some classic polo styles donned by iconic men who have championed it over the years, we now present this polo shirt do's and don’ts to help you look stylish for an ultimate gentleman’s look. With the right polo shirt etiquette, you will look sleek and sophisticated for any occasion.

1. Don't wear an undershirt when wearing a Polo shirt

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Never wear an undershirt when wearing a polo shirt because they do not mix well together. The undershirt could slide out or slip out from the sleeve and that is not going to look good on you. There are frequent instances that the slipping out part of the undershirt could show some crumpled areas.
If you are worried about perspiring a lot that is why you are considering an undershirt, just try wearing deodorant. Shirts and polo shirts are just not made to work together.

2. Do Wear Them Fitted But Not Tight

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The first rule when wearing the polo shirt is to make sure that you are wearing your own size. That means it should not be too loose or too tight. It is supposed to be comfortable without sacrificing the overall look. If you can’t stick a finger between your bicep and your sleeve, get a bigger size. If there’s a lot of slack, get a smaller size. Good quality polo shirts are made from light materials like cotton. Therefore, they should drape nicely over your body without showing too much of your body.

3. Do Mix And Match - Polo Shirt and Blazers 

polo shirt with blazer


This is as formal as it gets. To dress down a suit, you can swap your dress shirt and tie for a polo - tucked in, of course.It can feel a little tough to pull off. The key is to make sure your polo fits really well. If it's too big and long, it'll ruin the whole look.
If you wear suits all the time, especially in warmer climates, give the polo shirt a chance.

4. Don't Pop Your Collar

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Popping the collar of your polo shirt does not make you look cool. If anything, you will look like a 12-year old kid. Popping the collar up is like wearing a sunglass at night. The only reason you should be doing that is if you forgot to wear a sunscreen and you want to cover your neck from the heat of the sun. But as much as possible, wear a sunscreen before leaving the house. 

5. To Tuck or Not To Tuck?

polo shirt tucked style

There is no rule whether to tuck a polo shirt or not to tuck because people wear polo shirts for different reasons. And because polo shirts are also worn in sports, it would be wrong to stipulate that polo shirts should always be work tucked.
So depending on what you plan to do, just remember the general rule for tucking that polo shirt. If you are wearing a pair of shorts, it is strongly advised not to tuck them in. If you wear slacks, do tuck them in. A stout body type may avoid tucked in Polo and go for tucked out for a relaxed look.


Bottom line

Polo shirts for men are a classic closet staple that will never go out of style. They are comfortable to wear and work well for any occasion. If you want to keep your classy and stylish look, be sure to keep an assortment of polo colours in your closet. Our sartorial polo shirt collection is carefully designed with timeless colour range to add to your collection! 

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