The Fleece Milano was born from our love of classic style and Italian craftsmanship. 

The idea

As is often the case, the idea stemmed from a requirement combined with a perceived gap in the market: we were searching online for pure cashmere waistcoats made in Italy, with a tailored fit but at an affordable price, without the mark-ups of the classic distribution chain.

The Fleecers

Based on these fundamental values, we like to think that The Fleece Milano is not a mere brand, but more a club for enthusiasts of quality and craftsmanship. We have named these fans #Fleecers. And we picture them as contemporary connoisseurs, bon vivants who prefer discretion to excess, the right comment whispered rather than a shouted proclamation. Fleecers choose timeless elegance over seasonal trends, they appreciate the gentle pace of craftsmanship as opposed to the quick-fire rhythm of industrial production. Fleecers, in other words, conceive the garments in their wardrobe as investments destined to last over time. 

The founders

The Fleece Milano was founded by Fabio, Gerardo and Riccardo. We are three friends, we met in Milan in our student days. The city has allowed us to develop our interests and professional skills, which today find form in this project. We were born in three different regions of southern Italy, and we take from our hometowns three distinct but complementary profiles.

Fabio, a Neapolitan entrepreneur with a passion for aesthetics and quality, is the creative soul of The Fleece Milano: a product expert, a lover of vintage watches, classic motorcycles, SEO geek and connoisseur of classic men's elegance, he is a keen observer of all things from the world of fine tailoring.

Gerardo is the numbers man, from the region of Apulia, a notable head for business. Of simple but refined tastes, he has a primordial kinship with the elegance and quality of Italian craftsmanship and fine materials.

Riccardo, a Sicilian business lawyer, precise and reliable not only in his trade but also in life. A sports enthusiast, he is also passionate about the traditions and fine food of our Bel Paese. The methodical head of a sportsman combined with the even-headedness of the legal professional, with more than a dash of genius. 

Our product

Our direct approach cuts out the middlemen, allowing us to offer you a classic garment like the men's waistcoat at very competitive prices, without compromising on quality. Based on in-depth research that lasted over a year, we entrusted a pure two-ply cashmere yarn to the skilled hands of Italian master craftsmen. The rest seemed to fall into place by itself:

- Australian mother-of-pearl or real buffalo horn buttons embellish the garment;

- the reinforcement of the silk grosgrain buttonhole prevents the buttonhole from fraying; 

- the so called "calature" on the armholes and on the front are further evidence of the handcrafted quality of the product.

The finishing touch? A secret blend dreamt up by our master craftsmen to ensure the right mix of a durable product that is soft to the touch. Just like the drop of Angostura bitters that guarantees the perfect balance to a signature cocktail.

A change of plan

The first collection presented by The Fleece Milano was supposed to take the cashmere sleeveless cardigan as its starting point: a versatile garment, perfect not only with a sports jacket or a suit in carded fabrics, but also with denim or suede jackets. We write "supposed to" because the unexpected and unpredictable events that have rocked all our worlds since February 2020 forced us to radically rethink our plans. Not to worry, the collection will be launched in September 2020, but in the meantime, with that touch of resilience that distinguishes us Italians, we rolled up our sleeves to get to work and offer our Fleecers a much-needed accessory, a way to protect themselves and others without eschewing style. 

Sartorial masks

Our tailor-made masks are not intended for medical use, but they are made in Italy by craftsmen using Italian and Irish fabrics in accordance with article 16 c.2 D.L. 18/2020 of the emergency law approved by the Italian Parliament.

They have three layers:

- Cotton for that soft touch against the skin;

- Spunbonded 100% Polypropylene non-woven filter approved by the W.H.O.; 

- Outer fabric made of Light Fresco or pure Irish linen that ensures weightlessness and breathability without compromising aesthetics.

And for our most discerning clients, we also offer a customisation service with initials hand embroidered by our craftsmen.

Our commitment

As Italians proud of the aesthetic traditions of our country and its innate creativity, our goal is to promote and export a dose of Italian craftsmanship to the world. At the same time, we are committed to bringing you products that encapsulate the poetry and authenticity of refined clothing, with the distinct personality to convey the confidence and assertive style of our most discerning clientele.  

The Fleece Milano Founders


The Fleece Milano Team