Gianni Agnelli and his polo shirt: another masterclass of Italian style


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This is the first article of our journal that we open with a picture as there are some times where words are not needed to mark a moment or an event. This has always been particularly true when it comes to Gianni Agnelli, a rule-breaker and a master of sartorial class, arguably one of the most well-dressed and classy men of the past century. Without doubt a true and authentic symbol of the Made in Italy.

L’Avvocato, as everybody used to call him, besides being an incredibly successful industrialist, was also a man of fine intellect and acumen with a never hidden love and admiration for sports and women. That is what earned him the well-deserved epithet of icon of our recent history and that is why we have never made a secret of our admiration for him and his enviable taste in dressing and style.

Gianni Agnelli Ravello Jackie Kennedy The Fleece Milano Polo Shirt

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we are happy to admit that our long-sleeved sartorial polo shirt, has been inspired by the one that Gianni Agnelli used to wear in his slightly more casual but still refined outfits during his boat trips to Capri and the Amalfi Coast. These black & white archive photos date back to his trip to Ravello with Jackie Kennedy in summer 1962, where he chose to wear a white polo shirt, flat front trousers and loafers.

Thanks to l’Avvocato, the polo shirt has become a central piece of every gentleman’s wardrobe. Even if we all know how difficult (probably impossible) it is to reach the level of innate elegance of Gianni Agnelli, we have worked hard when designing our polo shirt to add some very special features that could re-create the feeling of wearing a true piece of craftsmanship and elegance.

polo shirt hand-stitched armhole the fleece milano
Hand-stitched armhole
 hand-sewn mother of pearl buttons the fleece milano
Hand-sewn Mother-oof-pearl buttons


Our polo shirt features, among others, buttons stitched by hand, hand-stitched armhole and hand-stitched shoulder, as widely explained in our previous article. All parts are harmoniously combined using traditional and old-fashioned techniques without compromising on a tailored fit which makes it a spring/summer style essential you must not let slip through your fingers.


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