Why The Fleece: The myth of Jason & The Argonauts

It might not be as epic, fabled, and perilous as Jason’s and the Argonauts’ expedition but our personal journey in quest of The Fleece is about to reach its first milestone.

Our first collection of Italian made cashmere sleeveless cardigans will be out for sale on our website very soon and we are so excited about the event that we wanted to share with all our readers some behind the scenes that brought us this far. 


If you have had the chance to take a quick look at the About Us section on our website you may already know what is the idea that stands behind The Fleece Milano: creating timeless and elegant pieces of craftsmanship and offer them to our customers at competitive prices without compromising on quality. 

Such an idea was clear and has remained so since the very beginning. It was also easy to decide which product was going to be our “icebreaker”: the cashmere sleeveless cardigan, a gentleman’s must have and distinguishing mark.

What took definitely longer than expected was to find an appropriate name for our brand. We have spent countless hours discussing about this topic and filled dozens of paper sheets with names ranging from all kinds of goats’ varieties to stars and constellations.


It was precisely “aiming at the stars” that we landed on Greek ancient myths and, specifically, on one of our favorites: the myth of Jason, rightful heir to the throne of Iolcus, who was saved in his childhood by his mother Alcimede from the usurper Pelias and secretly raised and educated by the wise centaur Cheiron. When he reached manhood, Jason came back to claim his kingdom to the surprise of Pelias who promised to abdicate only had Jason accomplished the mission – that most believed impossible – of coming back to Iolcus with the golden fleece, the fleece of a winged ram originally belonging to the god Hermes.

There you go. Jason served as a forerunner and the golden fleece set the spark for our name, a name with an inspiring meaning and the right touch of musicality. 


We will not tell you if Jason eventually came back with the golden fleece. Check out this well-written summary to know more about the full story. It is a quick and interesting read.

What we can actually tell you is that when Jason set off for his quest, accompanied by an astounding list of Greek heroes that joined him on board the formidable vessel Argo, he had to face numerous unforeseen and extraordinary events just like it happened to us when we were about to launch our first knitwear collection almost ten months ago and the world was rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating effects.

Following the example of our much more renowned heroes we didn’t give up, rolled up our sleeves and worked hard to create for our customers our Sartorial Face Masks, a much-needed accessory designed according to our philosophy: elegance and quality at affordable prices.

Hoping that the situation will continue to improve worldwide, we are now back on track with our original project and cannot wait to unveil our first products to our Fleecers.

The journey continues, stay tuned! 


TFM Team

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