How often should I change the filter of a sartorial face mask?

Let’s admit it, we all thought that after the summer, by September, we would have (almost) forgotten face masks and the need to carry one with us every time we stepped out of home. Unfortunately, they are still a must-have accessory in our everyday life. That is why it is time to know a bit more about our Sartorial face masks and figure out how ofter we should change their own filters. Each mask features a filter pocket specifically designed to ensure the presence of an additional layer of protection against the droplet of other people around us, one of the most common way to transmit Covid-19 according to experts.

In particular, we would like to talk about what could possibly be the duration of the filters and the frequency for their replacement without affecting their protection performances. In other words, how often do you have to change the filter of a face mask?

As it is normal in this period of deep uncertainty where even the experts are struggling in taking a single view on the matter, we do not have a straightforward answer to our question. Even if we go through the new guidelines on face masks released by the World Health Organization, we can’t identify a specific rule to follow, but just recommendations.


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In fact, the paper titled “Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19” released by the W.H.O., when talking about the right use and management of face masks and filters, says that the filter of a mask should be changed if and when soiled or wet – “a mask with a soiled or wet filter should not be worn for an extended period of time” – regardless of whether that may happen daily or even more often.

Basically, the filter should be changed anytime it is not clear and dry anymore which is something more related to the actual time the filter is worn and where than to a pre-determined number of days. For example, if we use our sartorial face mask for short intervals during the day, just for entering into shops or offices and avoiding contamination with dirty objects and other masks, we could potentially keep a filter even for a week. On the contrary, if we use the mask a whole day outdoor with hot temperature, sweating, we should definitely change the filter every day in order to maintain the highest efficiency of our Sartorial face mask filters’ performance.

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Generally, we could say that, to ensure you are never caught without the necessary protection, you should always have at least one extra filter at hand. If you are experiencing any trouble in breathing while wearing our Sartorial face mask, then you should change the filter promptly wherever you are as it may well be a sign that it is too used or damaged.


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