As the temperature starts to drop, it's time to start thinking about updating your winter wardrobe. One important consideration is what type of sartorial style will keep you looking sharp and feeling comfortable all season long. 

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Today we are back with #FriendsofTFM and we have Niklas Nystrom walking us through his sartorial journey. Check out his tips for dressing well in winter weather.​

What is your idea around your Instagram blog, Tell us a bit about it.

It’s always been about connecting with people that share the same passion for classic menswear that I do. Also, to make sure I keep challenging myself in the way I dress and that I keep getting inspiration in doing so.


Your style is timeless when it comes to dressing. Has it evolved over the years and how?

It definitely has! Coming in “fresh” it was mostly about expanding the summer and winter wardrobe broadly, covering the basics. Back then I had a more narrow, slimmer fit, quite the opposite from today. Nowadays I tend to wear my trousers higher and with a straighter, wider and more classic cut. The same ideas are incorporated in how I wear jackets, and I do wear them quite much looser today than what I used to.

Style Mistakes: 3 pet peeves that you frequently see in men’s outfits.

The 1-2 inch lapels. I see them everywhere and I think it looks ridiculous. I know it’s personal and people should wear what they like, but it’s not for me.
When people mix and match patterns, fabrics and weaves without a second thought and it just doesn’t make any sense.
Poor fit. Like jackets or trousers that are too tight or too short.

Building a Sartorial wardrobe: what is your steppingstone?

I learned it the hard way as I had to rebuild my entire wardrobe, more or less. Don’t rush it. Buy the best you can afford and progress slowly, especially in the beginning since you will likely find your way and what you like ever so slowly.
Your favorite go-to fall attire?
Tailored jacket and trousers together with a rollneck and a pair of loafers or boots most likely. Throw on a county cap and a raglan coat and you’re done.

What would you like to say about Ideology behind the The Fleece Milano for making made in Italy affordable? Let us know your comments on our products if you like any in particular.

Comfort, quality, and style at an affordable price. No doubt about that. I really enjoy my sartorial polo shirt in bottle green for instance. The perfect casual garment that takes the smart casual look to the next level.

As a man of taste, how would you indulge in matching our cashmere cardigans?

I have yet to try one, but in general I would go about them with a soft flannel shirt, knit tie and jacket for the perfect autumn layering.

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