Senza Tempo - Our Custom Anti-Moth Wardrobe Scent


Hello Fleecers,

With the launch of our sustainable cashmere blend winter collection we have something even more special for you to keep them safe and sound. With every purchase from our winter collection we are including a complimentary custom anti-moth wardrobe scent: Senza Tempo.


Senza Tempo is the representation of the ideal Italian man: the charming contrast between virility and delicacy. The cashmere accord brings softness and warmth, spices provide personality; aromatic notes mark a fresh start, woods and tonka beans add a timeless touch.

If leather recalls a masculine facet, powdery and lavender floral notes bring finesse and a comforting aspect to this blend with a memorable trail.

Cypress, orris and leather, among the most iconic Italian raw materials, evoke the pure essence of Made in Italy. Senza Tempo is a timeless fougère perfume revisited by a contemporary touch, in a perfect marriage between vintage and modern.

We made it in collaboration with Integra Fragrances the mind behind designing and creating scent identities triggering the most distinctive and emotional attributes of a brand. To look back at the journey of conceiving Senza Tempo do give a glance to our previous article on our custom scent.

We, as a company, firmly believe that the sartorial experience is an all-around experience and therefore wanted to explore a third dimension beyond the visuals and the tactility, looking for an enhanced sensory involvement that could drag you even deeper in what is our concept of sophistication and timelessness of Italian craftsmanship.


This multipurpose scent can be used as a moth and silverfish repellent as well as a nice fragrance for your wardrobe. We invested a great deal of time and talents to bring this product together in the best quality, let us know what you all think and share your valuable feedbacks with us.


Apprezzo molto i vostri prodotti.
Vi chiedo: avete intenzione di produrre anche un Profumo (EDP o EDT) dedicato e pensato per un gentleman che indossa le vostre Polo?
Ci avevate già pensato?
In caso contrario, cosa consigliate per un giovane Gentleman contemporaneo?

Daniel September 26, 2022

Fragraza meravigliosa!!!

Marcello Campodoni June 28, 2022

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