Three quick tips to start refining your sartorial style

We know it can be difficult to find the time to cultivate sartorial style, especially when your days are filled with working hours both in and out of the office, and that is why, after sharing with you our take on the polo shirt etiquette, we are back here to guide you with some simple tips to embark your sartorial journey.

1. Choose Simple & Classic

At TFM, we are advocates of timelessness and classic elegance. A timeless and classic  garment is often simple in design and can be worn for years and years to come, without coming under speculation when new trends emerge. A timeless piece will always be stylish, which is what makes them so integral when cultivating your own personal style. The worst thing you can do when it comes to cultivating sartorial style is to dress head-to-toe in an ensemble you’re simply not comfortable in. Elegance also comes with confidence. Experiment with different patterns and shades, but handpick simple and classic garments that suit you and you will never go out of fashion.


2. Curate a Capsule Wardrobe

Curating a capsule wardrobe is a fundamental step to improve your sartorial style. The word sartorial may make you think only of suiting, but elegance it’s not all about “rigid” tailoring. It’s the subtlest shades and layers that can make all the difference to your style. Investing in light-weight cashmere cardigans for layering under blazers or selecting minimalist fabrics and simple shades, like the ones of our sartorial polo shirts will help you to gradually build a capsule collection in your wardrobe.  You’ll easily be able to style these pieces with your favourite suits and more casual blazers and pants. Choosing, for example, a high-quality, sartorial blazer to use as a wardrobe staple is always a good idea to start with. A simple blazer can add class to the most casual summer outfits.


3. Get Inspired From Style Icons

When discovering your own sartorial identity, it’s always a great idea to take a little inspiration. If there’s a gentleman whose style you admire, there’s no harm in taking notes of the specific garments of their wardrobe that inspire you and try incorporating them into your wardrobe by making the adjustments that you like to the fitting and the colour. Taking inspiration from style icons is an easy way to transcend your comfort zone. We’ve done some homework for you with our piece on Three Timeless Ways of Wearing a Polo Shirt, now it’s your turn, when you spot a look that you think is stylish on a gentleman, to try it yourself. By the way, there is no need to start at any cost with world famous actors or social media stars; the streets of your city can sometimes be a great place to start.

To make it a little easier and more exciting we are starting a series of conversations with the #FriendsofFleece, our community of influencers and personalities who are and have been a great example of sartorial style. Stay tuned for next week.


- TFM Team



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