How to Wash your Sartorial Face Mask

Dear Fleecers,

Knowing when to change the filter is not the only rule of thumb when it comes to preserve the effectiveness of our Sartorial Face Masks.

Keep your Sartorial Face Mask clean

Another good habit we should get into is to wash our masks on a regular basis as it will keep them fresh and clean from bacteria and undesired contaminations and make them sparkle as if they were just taken out of the box!

Our Sartorial Face Masks are washable and crease-resistant 

As many of you, affectionate readers and Fleecers, already know, our Sartorial Face Masks feature a multi-layer structure made of a soft cotton inner lining and an outer premium fabric layer forming together a pocket where you can easily insert and remove our spunbonded non-woven 100% polypropylene filter. That means that our masks are completely washable, reusable and crease-resistant. Take a look at these simple but useful tips on how to wash them without risking spoiling their quality fabric.

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How to wash a Sartorial Face Mask

  • Unbutton the mother-of-pearl button to open the pocket and remove the filter;
  • Once you remove the filter, wash your hands very carefully;
  • Wash our masks using cold or slightly warm water or dry clean them.
  • We strongly recommend hand-washing the masks as using the washing machine may easily spoil their beautiful pleats.
  • To remove germs and bacteria add to the water some soap or detergent for delicate fabrics and gently rub and wipe the masks.
  • Then rinse the masks with fresh and clean water.
  • Do not twist or wring the masks but, once much of the water is gone, gently place them open on a towel and let them air dry.
  • When the masks are dry, you can then try your hand at ironing them, following the pattern of the pleats. 

As we said also for our Cashmere Sleeveless Cardigans, following these simple instructions will prolong the life (and the quality) of your Sartorial Face Masks. It might not be the easiest way to take care of them, but rest assured that once you wear them on again clean, warm and with that cozy smell of fresh laundry, your efforts will always be rewarded. 

TFM Team

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