A Conversation with Wilhelm Strängh - The Don's Club

“To be noticed without striving to be noticed, that is what elegance is about.”
pure gold by Luciano Barbera, and we feel sartorial style is a key to elegant dressing. After having shared with you three quick tips to embark on your sartorial journey, this time we are here to listen to the words of someone who embraces the sartorial style and share the love for classic elegance as much as we do. Here is our honest conversation with Wilhelm Strängh - @TheDonsClub that you will see, is much more than just a praise to the elegance in dressing. Let's dig in as we are sure you will have some great takeaways by the time you get to the end of it.

1. Who is the mind behind The Don’s Club? Tell us a bit more about it.

The Don's Club is all about my personal take on an elegant lifestyle. Dressing well has always interested me, since early childhood. Combining different items together to make an outfit that I felt comfortable in was the goal every morning. Here on this platform, I get to showcase what I love. Clothes are a big part of this but there is so much more that drives me and I’m eager to share. I’m fascinated by the beautiful things in life. May it be the mechanics of a watch, the beauty of a sports car or the care and detail one can put into your home.

 the fleece milano conversation

2. Your style is timeless when it comes to dressing. Has it evolved over the years and how?

Oh yes it has! You wouldn’t believe how many phases I went through during the years until one stuck. There was a skater phase, where I would wear skinny jeans and vans to me pretending to be a rapper like 50cent (yes, I was more like 10cent) where I would wear a bandana under my New York Yankees cap. It wasn’t until my boarding school days, where we had to wear Suit and Tie, that my style really
formed to what it is today. I enjoy the journey, however. I get inspired on so many
occasions and try to create my own version of it.


3. Style Mistakes: 3 pet peeves that you frequently see in men’s outfits.

Well, there are many, but my top 3 would be:
a. Matching tie with a pocket square in both fabric and color. Whilst wearing
both is totally correct, it’s the strictness that is a no-go for me. Play with the
colours, match it by not matching it if you know what I mean.
b. Wearing items too tight. It’s a trend I followed too I grant you. However, I’ve
re-educated myself and often see people wearing tight suits, trousers, or
jackets. Nothing wrong with creating a wider silhouette which still follows the
lines of your body.
c. Wearing jackets too short. A common mistake or rather a modern trend. A
suit works best if it balances the body. There are rules of course but
ultimately it comes down to the wearer. Know the rules and then you can
break them.

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4. Building a Sartorial wardrobe: what is your steppingstone?

Start with the basics. Trust me. I’ve been there. Instead of buying a classic blue suit, my first suit was actually green. Whilst it is a cool colour you will regret not having the fundamentals. Go for classics such as a blue and/or grey suit. For trousers, opt for a grey flannel in winter and a fresco grey in summer. Beige cotton trousers are always a winner. Add white and blue shirts to your daily’s. A stripe or perhaps a denim shirt won’t harm you though. For jackets, keep it simple. Start with a blue blazer and then work your way through the colour wheel. I learned my lessons way too late and I am now building the basics.


5. Your favourite go-to summer attire?

It’s a simple one but always a winner. White trousers to add that summer vibe. A
light blue linen shirt, preferably in a button-down collar. Patterned jacket, in wool
silk and linen. This can be in pretty much any colour but I enjoy wearing browns
these days. Top it off with some dark brown suede loafers and sunglasses. Good to go wherever the journey takes me.

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6. You own two of our Cashmere Sleeveless Cardigans. What do you like about The Fleece Milano and its products?

I’m a big fan of sleeveless cardigans. There was never a company that made them properly. Especially when you wear them with high waisted trousers, most brands would simply be too long. TFM cardigans are super soft in quality, have bigger buttons for a timeless detail. The armhole is higher for more freedom of movement whilst still hugging the body. The best part of them must be the shorter length. It works perfectly for higher trouser styles and gives off a sophisticated yet laid back look. I enjoy the attention to detail TFM brings to its products and the careful selection of materials. It shows that not only do they want to create a real wardrobe staple but select which item to perfect.


the dons club conversation

7. As a man of taste, how would you indulge in matching our new Sartorial Polo Shirts?

I would wear the polo under tailoring. By that I mean a nice linen suit with a soft pair of loafers, sipping a negroni on the Amalfi Coast. There is no rule against it and polo shirts have always been part of the gentleman’s wardrobe. It’s always been a “casual” piece. Let’s make it an elegant one!

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