Face Masks and Sunglasses: the best way to avoid fogging them up

Fabio Attanasio wearing The Fleece Milano Irish Linen Sartorial Face Mask


Whether we like it or not, face masks have become a must-have accessory for our everyday life. They have been imposed by Governments all over the world and have now made it to our checklist before leaving our doorstep. As recommended by the W.H.O., three-layer masks are a recommended prevention measure against covid-19 threats and our sartorial face masks, although not medical masks, they are made according to these guidelines. Moreover, brands are gradually including face masks in their collections and, as a natural consequence when that happens, they have just become another accessory to express our personality.
There is an issue related to prescription lenses and sunglasses though: they get fogged up right away when used along with a face mask. So here are some basic suggestions for our Fleecers to keep a clear vision whilst being safe.  
Woman wearing a face mask with tape

The Plaster method

One might not believe it, but it has actually happened. Someone has recommended placing a plaster on your cheeks so as to block the air coming up from nose and mouth. Needless to say, a true Fleecer would never hang around with  plasters on the face. Apart from looking like you just came out of a brawl, we are sorry to say that this method is a no for us. 

how to avoid fogging up glasses with face mask

The Academic method

Back in 1996, on a paper named “The Misting Characteristics of Spectacle Lenses” Professor Tom Margrain from Cardiff University addressed the annoying issue of spectacles misting up and found a simple way to solve it. Just clean the glasses with soap and water right before wearing a face mask. Let them dry and gently wipe the excess with a soft cloth. No, we are not kidding. “The droplets form because of the surface tension between the water molecules” writes the Professor. Soap is supposed to leave a protective film on the surface of the lenses, that reduces this surface tension and causes the water molecules to spread out evenly into a transparent layer. We forgot to ask the Professor how long film is supposed to last. 

Fabio Attanasio wearing The Fleece Milano Brown Irish Linen Sartorial Face Mask

The Fleece method

We patched our cheeks with plasters and we obsessively cleaned our glasses to create that magic surface, but in the end we found a way that actually works and we are happy to share it with our Fleecers. Sometimes the best solution is in front of our eyes yet we don’t see it: just place your eyewear on your Sartorial Face Mask, even better if the sunglasses are by TBD Eyewear. Whether they be optical frames or sunglasses, their pressure on the Face Mask will finally stop the breath from coming up. Easy, uh?  


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