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Dear friends,

We hope that you are having a good summer and that you have already packed one of our Sartorial Polo shirts together with your vacation favourites.
If you are still staring at your closet undecided, you can always turn few pages of our journal back to get everything you need to know for styling your Sartorial Polo shirt, from iconic styles to easy do’s and don’ts.
Now it’s time to move on as we are about to let you know a bit more on what’s coming next.
In September we will launch a new product which is the result of an exciting collaboration with Integra Fragrances. We, as a company, firmly believe that the sartorial experience is an all-around experience and therefore wanted to explore a third dimension beyond the visuals and the tactility, looking for an enhanced sensory involvement that could drag you even deeper in what is our concept of sophistication and timelessness of Italian craftsmanship.
 the fleece milano custom scent
The new product has been conceived keeping in mind – you know this one – a contemporary gentleman, lover of classic elegance, and a connoisseur. The “building” process was thrilling as well as enlightening. The adventure involved the three of us in person and started off with a first official meeting in Milan where we approached a gamut of 21 different raw materials.

After selecting a shortlist of three finalists (believe us, it was all but easy!), we then proceeded to examine seven sets of scent combinations made by the capable hands and experienced noses of the Integra Fragrances team from our raw materials selection. The choice was even tougher to make but we finally got a winner in our third meeting. You will get to know more around it in the coming weeks but trust us, it is worth the wait.

the fleece milano custom scent
We cannot be more excited to unveil this product in September, and not just that we have something special planned for you to own it, use it and live it.

An early access to our Summer Sale for our most loyal customers is also in the pipeline, till then stay tuned for more!

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