A Conversation with Damien Broderick

Hello Fleecers,

Winter is here and it's time to get your wardrobe in order. As you know, we at TFM practice forever iconic classic styles, and aim to inform you about every bit around it, check out our last blog about the History of turtlenecks and about sustainable yarns to make a more sustainable purchase. 

The web is full of information about what to wear, where the latest trends are taking us. But more than often it can be difficult to navigate through all of the noise without knowing your personal style and inspiration.This time we are here with Damien Broderick, known for his individualistic sartorial style as well as his photography to inspire you.

1. What is your idea around your Instagram blog, Tell us a bit about it.

The idea around my Instagram blog is to simply show classic menswear pieces in my own modern way, I have a very classic style inspired by the 1920s and 1940s but am careful to not look like I’m wearing a costume. I started getting tattooed at about 16, something that is not typically associated with a gentleman, and that’s why I try to redefine that judgment, that wearing a well-tailored suit doesn’t make you a gentleman, the same way having tattoos doesn’t make you a thug.
Being a gentleman is rooted in how you treat others, with dignity and respect, and treat yourself in the same manner.

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2. Your style is timeless when it comes to dressing. Has it evolved over the years and how?

My style has evolved massively over the years. Like most when you get into the world of menswear, you see the Pitti peacock and you go and buy 10 beaded bracelets and wear them all at once, you wear your watch over the shirt cuff like Mr. Agnelli. I feel my style has just become more refined in terms of patterns and colors. I like, very little jewelry, a watch, and my grandfather's ring. In clothing, I prefer tailored, not a fan of padding in the shoulders and canvas. Even being from Ireland, and now living in London, I always loved taking pieces from Italian tailoring and styling them in a very typical British way, like a heavy flannel or tweed, but deconstructed. And of course, education plays a part in this. You stop buying cheap and save for the investment.


3. Style Mistakes: 3 pet peeves that you frequently see in men’s outfits.

Style mistake or 3 peeves I have, I think something that bothers me most is basics, basic tailoring combos, or the fit if you can’t afford a made to measure or bespoke, I understand not everyone has that budget, a good alteration can make any suit look expensive. I’m very much a person who doesn’t judge someone's individual style, that’s what style should be, unique to the individual, but basics should be learned and followed.

4. Building a Sartorial wardrobe: what is your steppingstone?

Building my wardrobe, I found having a mid-grey flannel suit, a classic navy blazer, and a good overcoat as simple yet so very effective. I wear a lot of hats, a fedora or a baker boy, finding a good tailor who not only understands what you want but also your needs and can alter or make something fit and flatter your shape.
I think those tress pieces are the ultimate foundations of a gentleman’s wardrobe.

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5. Your favorite go-to fall attire?

My go-to fall attire would be a mid-grey flannel suit, or I have this beautiful wool and cashmere three-piece suit, with a belt and pleats on the jacket's back that is incurable for colder days, a good camel double-breasted overcoat, a solid tie, and shirt combo, leather gloves, and a hat.
Then for the evening, you change to a simple pair of trousers, a Fleece Milano Cashmere cardigan some slippers and you enjoy a cocktail with some company.

6. What would you like to say about the ideology behind The Fleece Milano for making made in Italy affordable? Let us know your comments on our products if you like any in particular.

I think the team at Fleece Milano does an incredible job in bringing classic pieces of menswear, made impeccably well, with the finest of materials at such an affordable price. Even the smaller products in the range like face masks are made with such craftsmanship and elegance, it can’t be faulted.

7. As a man of taste, how would you indulge in matching our cashmere cardigans?

The beauty of the cashmere cardigans is how versatile they are, as a layering piece suit a fine suit, or as a leisure piece dressed down at home with the family or entertaining guests, its the perfect weapon to have in one's sartorial arsenal.

We hope this was an inspiring read. We will be soon announcing our winter drop in the coming week with a special surprise so stay tuned and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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